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JT — Positively.

Jon “JT ” thompson, sedona City council

Sustainable Community

Modes and ease of transportation? Affordable housing? Locally available essentials? Short-term rental controls? Demographic diversity? Educational opportunities? Volunteer options? Historic preservation? Neighborhood connections? Adequate medical care? Emergency evacuation plans?

How will we thrive?

Sustainable Economy

Too many tourists, and the wrong kind? Broadband internet everywhere? “Green” business standards? Livable wages? Light manufacturing? Available workforce? Prudent city debt management? Diversification to non-tourism industries? Rethinking the growth model?

How will we prosper?

Sustainable Future

Sensible water use? Electrification? Energy retrofitting? Renewable energy sourcing? Recycling and composting? Transition to transit? Population management? Regional cooperation and leadership? Expansion of climate mitigation strategies? Reassessment of traditions? Resilient response to changing climate?

How will we survive?

Acting Positively

Acting positively is not the same as being positive. Being positive is about having certainty, while acting positively is about seeking creative, productive ways of addressing problems, rather than assigning blame and dishing out insults. Have you noticed that people who say they're positive about a better way to do something are often the least willing to act positively on solutions?

Negative action tries to fix a perceived problem by subtraction: just eliminate the new change that instills fear or is inconvenient, and things will go back to the way they were. But positivity understands that change is inevitable and can be beneficial: have a clear vision of a desired future and then harness the forces that caused the perceived problem and redirect them toward that desired future.

Acting positively is always harder and more complicated than choosing immediately "obvious" or "common sense" solutions. It values expertise, but expertise that knows its own limits as well as its strengths. It relies on experience, but only when paired with the wisdom to apply that experience appropriately to future conditions. And like any successful strategy, positive action demands conviction and determination, but only when they are based on factual evidence and shared values.

Acting positively is the goal and standard I set for myself in all my endeavors, especially in representing you for over five years on City Council. I don't believe you should have to settle for anything less, which is why I'm asking for the honor to continue working for you.

This is the only yard sign you'll see from me this year. It's from my successful 2014 campaign. I keep it on my garage wall as a memento of the trust you placed in me then and a reminder to continue to act positively.

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Voting Dates

July 5 Voter Registration Deadline
July 6 Mail-in Ballots Mailed Out
July 6 Early Voting Begins
July 22 Request Mail-in Ballot Deadline
August 2 Primary Election Day


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Stay informed   

Instead of mailing printed brochures and cards, handing out buttons and yard signs, or placing ads in the paper or social media, I'll be campaigning in person, at community gatherings, and through one or two blogs per week on the Articles page of this site, covering current topics of importance to our shared future. But you don't have to check back here to read them; subscribe using the button below and I'll send them to you as e-mails as soon as they're posted.

Send E-Mail, Not Money

I ask for your support, but not your cash. I'd rather stand on my record than sit on a war chest. Please spread the word, not spend your wad. No financial support is worth as much as just telling your friends:

Vote for “JT”—Positively.

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