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Climate Anxiety? Sarah Can Help With That.

17 Jun 2022 2:07 PM | Jon Thompson (Administrator)

I probably subscribe to at least a dozen email newsletters that deal with sustainability generally and the climate emergency specifically. I feel like I have to. It's the most important issue facing us today, and it's far too complex and multi-faceted for just one or two perspectives—even the solidly scientific ones I rely on.

The problem with following all that information about such a dire and depressing subject, of course, is that the anxiety can sometimes get the better of me. And hopelessness is not a good place to stage one's daily resolve to take positive action on behalf of a six sextillion metric ton rock.

But I have help! About once a week I light up when Sarah Lazarovic's name shows up in my email inbox. Sarah writes Minimum Viable Planet, which she describes as a "weeklyish newsletter about climateish stuff, and how to keep it together in a world gone mad." The writing is informal and personal but brilliantly phrased, filled with wit and humor and her own clever drawings. If you can imagine something comforting, entertaining, and inspiring all at the same time, you'll know what to expect from MVP. That and videos of people dancing at the end of each issue that are a sure-fire smiler every time.

And like all the best things in life, it's free. I definitely recommend that you give Sarah your email address at and see for yourself. Her back issues are available at that site as well; the recent one on positivism is a great read while you're waiting for the next issue to arrive in your inbox.

P.S. Today's MVP newsletter, "The Mayor of Montrose," is ostensibly about Sarah's precocious young son Teddy. But it is really about community. And there were at least a couple places where I felt the immediate relevance to our search for sustainable community here in Sedona. So I realized that sharing Minimum Viable Planet with you was the daily deed I needed to do on behalf of Mother Earth. I hope you like it and that it helps salve whatever climate anxiety you may have as well.

[Illustration (c) 2022 by Sarah Lazarovic]

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