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After considerable thought, I decided not to form a campaign committee to accept financial contributions. So this would have been the Donate page, but I renamed it the Don'tnate page so I could use it to explain this decision.

For less than $500, which is exactly one month's stipend as a current City Councilor, I can afford to host this website for the duration of the campaign and print up some calling cards with the website's URL and my direct contact information. I'll hand out those cards as widely as I can, but I have no illusion I can reach every Sedona voter. However, I am hopeful that the many Sedonans I have met and worked with over the 16 years I have lived here, including the five years I have already served on City Council, are already familiar enough with me to know whether they would like me to serve another four years. It seems to me that between $500 and the $10,000 or more that is apparently the going cost of a campaign here, the spending options are mainly to increase "name recognition," rather than to further clarify current positions or past performance.

Now I completely understand that first-time candidates especially must take advantage of a variety of methods to introduce themselves to the voting public and demonstrate their seriousness of purpose. I did so the first time I was a candidate, in 2014, and I wouldn't dream of criticizing any candidate's fundraising choices. But the fact that you are here reading this is an indication that you know my name, know how to contact me if you have more questions, and are serious about selecting the best people to serve our great city. That's a lot. And for me that's more than enough.

Send E-Mail, Not Money

I ask for your support, but not your cash. I'd rather stand on my record than sit on a war chest. Please spread the word, not spend your wad. No financial support is worth as much as just telling your friends:

Vote for “JT”—Positively.

Background photo by Taylor Van Riper on Unsplash.

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Questions, comments, endorsements, quotes I can use: all are welcome and appreciated!


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