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Jon and his wife Felicia spent their honeymoon in Sedona in 1969, then returned for their 25th wedding anniversary and bought a lot, determined to make this their retirement home. They realized that dream when they finally built their house in West Sedona and moved in on Groundhog Day in 2006.

Both Jon and Felicia earned BA degrees from California Lutheran University. Jon also holds an MA in English from Stanford, where he was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in the Creative Writing program. He has been a Managing Editor for a major college textbook publisher, but most of his career was spent in the technical writing field in California’s Silicon Valley. Jon has held positions from Senior Manager through VP at several high-tech companies, including Apple Computer, Silicon Graphics, Crossworlds, IBM, and two pre-IPO startups. "JT" has managed multi-million dollar budgets and staffs of up to 40. He retired in 2007, again on Groundhog Day.

In his retirement, Jon was a volunteer litter lifter with Keep Sedona Beautiful for over ten years. He has also done volunteer work at the Verde Valley Medical Center, the Sedona City Clerk’s office, and Chamber Music Sedona. In recent years, he has focused his donated time on causes advocating for human, animal, and planetary health, as a board member of Healthy World Sedona and as that organization’s liaison with the Sustainability Alliance.

From November of 2010 through March of 2014 he was proud to serve on the Citizens Steering Committee for the Community Plan Update, the final 2 ½ years as Chair. That exceptional experience created the desire to continue serving our magnificent city and was the primary reason JT decided to seek a City Council seat. He was elected to Council in 2014, serving a single four-year term before deciding to focus his efforts fulltime on raising sustainability awareness in the community.

JT returned to Council in March of 2021, appointed to serve out the remaining year and a half of a vacated term. His hope is to help provide long-term vision to Council. He believes this long-term view had never been more important and challenging than now, when not only preparing for our own future, but also realizing the opportunity and responsibility we share with our state, nation, and world to secure a safe and just future.

Felicia and Jon are the proud parents of two sons. Jeff is a graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and a financial services executive. He lives in Burlingame with his wife Stephanie and their three children, Alexia, Constantine, and Leonidas. Chris earned a BA from UCLA and a Masters in percussion and composition from Juilliard. He occasionally performs with Alarm Will Sound and other contemporary classical groups, has played in the orchestra on several Broadway musicals, and has released four albums of original compositions. He and his husband Peter live and work in New York City.

Interests, Influences, and Incidents

We follow many interests on our life's journey, and to a great extent we embody many influences along the way. And we're shaped by seemingly random incidents as well. Here are some of mine.

I'm interested in books about how the mind works and how we make decisions. Notable favorites: Conceptual Blockbusting, by James Adams; The Righteous Mind, by Jonathan Haight; Think Again, by Adam Grant.

I've been influenced in my concern for the environment by the writings—and life—of The Guardian columnist George Monbiot.

In a lucky incident in the late 1980's, I found myself being interviewed by a reporter from Radio Free Europe. My explanation of how personal computing and printing was giving the power of the press to each individual was translated into Russian and broadcast by RFE over the iron curtain.

I found an interest in racquetball in the 1980's, playing twice a week with the same business colleague for nearly 20 years.

My high school English teacher influenced my love of literature and creative writing. That got me an advanced degree, though only indirectly a career. But I still like to knock out an occasional limerick for a friend's birthday.

A local showing of the movie "Cowspiracy" in early 2015 was an incident that caused an immediate, dramatic, positive, and lasting change in one of the most elemental aspects of my life—the choice of what food to eat. It also prompted my participation in the nonprofit Healthy World Sedona and their gentle advocacy for a whole food, plant-based lifestyle through various programs, including four consecutive annual Sedona VegFest events.

My first and only sports hero, Gil Hodges, was a role model of gentleness, devotion, honesty, respect, inclusion, and patience, well beyond his unique athletic talent and accomplishments. That influence has lasted a lifetime, in addition to creating an equally permanent interest in baseball. The election of Hodges to the Baseball Hall of Fame in this summer of 2022, which is an unprecedented 59 years after his playing career ended and 50 years after his death, is an incident that inspires patience in the pursuit of a worthy goal. It is also a reminder that the best place to find reward and recognition for good deeds is in the deeds themselves.

Some Favorite Quotes

"On my honor, I will do my best . . ."
- JT, age 8, Phoenix, AZ, 1956.

"Change arises from conviction. Stop voting in fear. Start voting for hope."
- George Monbiot

"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
- Charles Darwin

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."
- E. B. White

"You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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